Frais – Cursed

By 44faced on Aug 26, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Frais’ latest project “Cursed” is an expression of life from his perspective. Frais credits honing his craft which is mainly influenced by Kanye West, vintage Lil Wayne.

Through his music Frais gives you his life. Growing up in the hood on the West side of Charlotte, he relished going against the norm, embodying multi-cultural arts and fashion. Frais embraces standing out from his surroundings, each life lesson driving him towards a greater goal. Self-dependence, determination, preservation and awareness were only a few of the attributes instilled early coming from a single parent household. Frais took the negative lessons of life and utilized them as a compass, a compass which helped him navigate his own riotous path. A path in which Frais began pursuing music, videography, and clothing design.

Stream Frais “Cursed”: