GoldEater – Circling the Summit

By 44faced on Apr 23, 2023 in Music - 0 Comments

Dark IDM / electronic. Bobbing and slamming bass synths, bit-blurred hazy synth leads, and busy mid tempo to downtempo hard hitting grooves and beats. Inspired by Aphex Twin – trying to find calm in the chaos.

GoldEater is the industrial-aggressive dark electronic project from Paul G. Marchesani: AKA Forest Kids Collective. After a 4 year hiatus from Psychic Shards – a 2019 EP showcasing the main styles and concept this project can be. Paul slowly began building up a follow up EP in 2021 then promptly left them on the back burner for 2 more years. With some new skills and toys to work with today, Paul remixed and remastered Circling the Summit and is now in process of finalizing the rest of the EP for later this year.

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