Ground Broken – Blunt Afta Blunt [Music Video]

By 44faced on Jan 20, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Ground Broken (@groundbroken) has officially released their newest video “Blunt Afta Blunt” recorded in the heart of Denver’s own Crush Walls Graffiti Festival. While filming this smoker’s anthem attracted both music and art lovers from every direction as onlookers began bobbing their heads and moving to the fresh new sound. “Hip Hop and cannabis go hand in hand” said Surreal “and what better place to blend the two then right here, in the home of the homegrown.”

While Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014, Ground Broken already had deep roots in blending the cannabis industry with home grown hip hop.

“Blunt Afta Blunt” is the second single off the newly released album The Foundation and features Surreal, Escro, and debut recording artist Darekt. Originating as freestyle emcees in the Colorado party scene, this duo has come a long way from rocking house shows to cultivating an original sound and a die hard fan base. Their newest video displays a blend of graffiti, lyricism, and humor tied together with some vintage imagery. Gritty, witty, and visually entertaining “Blunt Afta Blunt” is an instant classic that would make Snoop Dogg want to jump in rotation and light up another one.

Visit to view the new videos, stream their album, and show your support for Colorado hip hop.

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