Grymn – Let It Burn

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“Let It Burn” by Grymn is a high-energy hard rock anthem reminiscent of the rebellious sounds of the 70s and 80s, drawing inspiration from bands like AC/DC and Black Sabbath. With powerful guitar riffs and a driving beat, the song captures the spirit of rebellion, urging listeners to reject mediocrity and set societal expectations ablaze.

Grymn is a rock duo born from the depths of academia. Guitarist, singer, and producer Ryan Palmer, alongside powerhouse drummer Keagan Keller, first met while pursuing engineering degrees in college. United by a mutual fantasy of ditching the textbooks and forging a different type of metal, they graduated but remained steadfast in their musical ambitions.

Fueled by a passion for blues, classic rock, and heavy metal, Grymn is dedicated to resurrecting the timeless sound of rock ‘n’ roll. Drawing inspiration from the legends of the past, their music channels the raw energy and rebellious spirit of bygone eras while carving out a distinctive sonic identity.

The name Grymn itself is a testament to the band’s ethos—a juxtaposition of the words “grim” and “hymn,” two seemingly opposite meanings combined to create something entirely unique. This choice reflects their commitment to exploring the complexities of human emotion and experience through their music, embracing both the darkness and the light.

In Grymn’s world, every chord is a defiance, every beat a declaration of independence from the mundane. With each track, they strive to reignite the flame of rock ‘n’ roll, infusing it with new life and vitality. From blistering guitar solos to thunderous drum fills, Grymn delivers a high-octane sonic experience that resonates with audiences of all ages.

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