Heron & Serum – Heron & Serum [Album]

By 44faced on Jul 26, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

The Drug & Antidote—Heron & Serum—2 legendary hip hop artists from Miami, collab and give you this great performance of art. 

DJ Heron, legendary DJ from Miami, and legendary battle rapper and graffiti artist, Serum, unite and bring this nostalgic piece of work.

Heron is known for rocking and creating most of the best shows in the streets.

Serum is known for rocking paintings in the streets and his famous battles in many platforms including MTV.

Both are from Miami and rep it to the fullest.

Stream Heron & Serum by Heron & Serum:

Watch the music video for one of the album’s tracks, “Lonely Days” feat. Omniscient: youtu.be/2T1MPA4D7NE