Intensifying the Pulse: Entorge’s “To The Edge” Redefines Deep House Energy

By 44faced on Apr 06, 2024 in Reviews - 0 Comments

Entorge’s “To The Edge” is a deep house masterpiece, a high energy short 2 minute, 38 second quickly ebbing and flowing anthem that’s sure to shake everyone’s bodies back and forth on the dance floor.

A pulsating bass that pumps like a fast heart rate, a catchy stabbing resonant low bass synth, with melodically dancing yet ambiently reverberant melodic synth licks, quivering together with mid-range vocals glowing widely in the stereo field as it throbs high intensities of energy in its expansive hall-like atmosphere, filling the space with a repetitive call to “push it to the edge.”

Structurally, after establishing the oscillating energy and introducing the catchy bass line that continues to act as the song’s grounding, a subtle reverse crash cymbal eases us into the onset of first verse with its vocal entry, soon after a bridge—or more like a staircase—takes us up risers and more reverse cymbals, to a hook—“We’ll push it to the edge, to the edge now”—with the eighth-note melodic synth licks, leading to a further section of intensification led by punchy four-to-the-floor snare hits, which then speed up into sixteenth-note beats, and then into another further intensified section.

“To The Edge” continues along the lines of constant intensification from one section to the next, only to rest on the hook twice, albeit with carefully placed production additions, mostly in the form of adlib synth licks, driving us throughout with its house four-to-the-floor to an ending section that is a culmination of the song’s energy into a climax that makes listeners feel as if they’re dancing in a palace, ending with the aftertaste of “‘Cause I love the way you make me feel” continuing to decay in your thoughts as the reverb trail of the synth, drums and voice all fade away into the night.

Entorge (pronounced “entourage”) is a German producer/DJ. Entorge composes melodic elements with hard-hitting bass in his tracks, a distinctive approach influenced by the legacy of Avicii.

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