Interview with Adderall Theory Following the Release of Latest Album, Hypothesis

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Independent alternative rock that has been compared to early REM and Pixies. Hypothesis is Adderall Theory’s first self-produced album after a year of several singles and an EP.

Following the latest release from Adderall Theory, Hypothesis, a 10-track self-produced alternative rock album, which has been compared to early REM and Pixies, we caught up with Adderall Theory with this interview.

Adderall Theory is the musical drug you have been searching for but never knew existed. It is the alter-ego of singer-songwriter Brett Richardson, who has been releasing music to bring much-needed solace to a world of chaos.

Raised in Marietta, Georgia and now based in the musical hotbed of Atlanta, Adderall Theory is the alter-ego of singer-songwriter Brett Richardson, who has been releasing exquisitely crafted pop/rock songs reflecting his own musical journey. Brought up on a rich diet of music from Beethoven to Lee Perry and Pavarotti to Do or Die, that combination bears fruit as he produces song after song featuring brilliant arrangements accompanied by energy-infusing vocals and guitar work, Brett took some time out to answer the following questions and let us delve a little deeper into his world and his current state with music…

Adderall Theory

When and why did you start making music?

I started writing parts of songs and melodies as a early teen, 12-13 years old

Who has influenced you the most?

Counting Crows, Adam Duritz is a great writer and had to struggle in the bar scene for over a decade before they made it big.

Why have they influenced you the most?

I love great lyrics and writing, they combine that with a group of talented musicians to make timeless music.

What are you aiming for with your music?

To keep creating and write and grow as an an artist always.

What’s your musical background?

Self-taught guitar at age 11 and then studied opera and classical singing and theater through school.

Where did you grow up? How has it influenced the music you make?

I grew up in Marietta, Georgia. Growing up in the southeastern United States was a huge influence of my music. By being near the birthplace of blues and rock and roll music I was exposed to a wide array of groups and singers and musicians.

How would you define “making it” in the music industry? What’s the life you can envision reaching through “making it” with your music?

Making it in the industry to me, is getting to the position of being able to create constantly.

What’s your favorite album of all time?

Sublime, Sublime.

What was your favorite album this year?

Future’s “I Never Liked You.”

What was your favorite song this year?

“Time Today” by Moneybagg Yo.

How often and for how long do you practice?

Daily, for at least an hour.

What do you see as the main obstacle standing in your way from getting where you want to go?

Nothing, as I keep pressing forward and working on music daily, new doors keep opening and new opportunities keep presenting themselves.

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