IPN – Bitchin’

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Check out the new song by IPN, “Bitchin’.” Here’s IPN’s explanation of it in his own words:

Hey, I’m IPN and this is my new song Bitchin’.

I started this song from the beat with a piano pattern made with my keyboard inside logic with NI instruments libraries, and then I added the basses, plucks sounds with drums, and 808 accordingly, to match my idea to create something aggressive and catchy at the same time, that I like to consider a mix of drill and hip hop music with a little touch of EDM.

For the lyrics, I wanted to do something meaningful, talk about personal struggles without being too heavy on them, deliver an uplifting message with a bit of irony and sarcasm, and I got inspired by personal experiences that I’m going through every day.

The lyrics refer to a context where people like your friends and family who they’re supposed to support you, don’t understand what you’re doing, don’t feel who you are, and what they do is act up, think they’re the best, who have the right to tell you that you’re not qualified, that you’re not good, that you should quit and get a random job cause you’ll never make it.

Those people have a limited mentality and whatever you gonna do they won’t like you, so let’s keep grinding, pursuits your dreams, cause when you do that, nobody has any chance against you.

What I wanna deliver is an encouraging message to not give up, cause you’ll always find people ready to criticize your actions or behaviour, you just have to not waste your time getting mixed up with them.

This is the whole meaning of my song. Thank you

Artist Bio: IPN, pseudonym of Isach Peter Newport (born October 11, 1996, Como, Italy), is a British-Italian singer, DJ and producer.

IPN produces and performs a wide range of music, including pop, hip hop, trap and dance/electronic. Prior to uploading his original content online, he has also produced rock, metal, acoustic and classical/cinematic music.

His music is inspired by numbers of famous artists and bands, such as Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, Drake, Eminem and Martin Garrix etc.


Since IPN was a kid, he has always had a great passion for music. From singing along to his favourite songs to passing his days dreaming about standing on a huge stage, he used every inch of available space as his own performing platform. Growing up, the idea of pursuing a professional career in the music industry has never left his mind. Originally, IPN wanted to become a famous singer and dancer. Though, that was no longer the case after 2009, the death of the superstar, King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

After four years of self-taught vocal training, he got inspired by the American band, Linkin Park, and started learning how to write and produce his own songs in mainly rock, metal, electronic-influenced music.


In 2017, after the passing of Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington, IPN met his collaborator and manager. He then released his very first video on youtube, a cover dedicated to the late singer, by using the pseudonym of his name, IPN. From then on, IPN continued to release covers and remixes in his honour.


In late 2018, IPN has released two instrumental tracks, No Time Left and Jump In The Void, changing his sound from dirty rock/metal driven guitar to big supersaw synths used in dance music subgenres, such as a progressive house, progressive trance and big room. Though he stopped releasing original music shortly after as he did not feel ready to release HQ content. He then started releasing mashups, which have given him a huge impact on his engagement till this day.

On October 11, 2020, he changed his sound again by releasing his pop, alternative hip hop song, Now It’s Over, which was written by him and produced in collaboration with Bardo Novotny, one of the producers who worked on Trevor Daniel’s album, Nicotine.

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