Jaxx – Alive for Now

By 44faced on Feb 06, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

“Alive for Now” by Jaxx is an epic emotional journey through a mental change within the artist. As portrayed in the video, Jaxx goes through a realization in which he realizes the truth behind his actions. Beginning with an interesting pre-chorus, the song continues to impress as Jaxx comes in smooth with his modern, rap flow. Jaxx starts the track with a more demeaning, selfless type of demonstration. With an intriguing middle chorus, Jaxx is able to show the change within himself as he fights his demons. In the second verse, Jaxx begins with a more panicked style of rap. With lines such as “Started thinking I was scared of it,” Jaxx explains the views of fighting between good and bad. Alive For Now not only portrays an amazing change with a plot twist at the end of the video, but also is very attractive to so many different crowds. Through impressive melodies, a strong hip-hop beat behind with bumping 808’s, and superior rap flows, the song never gets boring.

Jaxx is a hip-hop/pop artist from Long Island, NY. Jaxx is able to reach many different crowds with the versatility he presents in his music. From harder trap music, to smooth pop songs, Jaxx intends on hitting all genres of music within his own style.

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