Jermydee – Dream

By 44faced on Mar 20, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

“Dream” is a hip hop song created by Jermydee. It’s a unique piece of art detailing the manifestation of the future for the artist Jermydee as he comes on the rise with his first single.

A rapidly rising artist currently based in the Cayman Islands, Jermydee combines hip hop, pop, and the music of his native Jamaica into an explosive style unlike anything else. Having overcome numerous hardships in his young life, Jermydee brings a rare authenticity to his storytelling. Honest, gritty, and determined to succeed, he continues to make major steps forward with every new release, reaching audiences well beyond his home country. With a series of groundbreaking releases expected in 2021 and beyond, it is only a matter of time before this gifted young musician becomes one of the hottest names in international music.

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