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Self-taught multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, Jessiah grew up amidst the sparse deserts and majestic mountains of Tucson, Arizona, in the United States. Over the last couple of years, his captivating and diverse music content has earned him a substantial following of over 1.2 million fans across social media and firmly positioned him as an exciting and emerging pioneer of contemporary classical music.

With a distinctive and unique collaboration of sound, soul and spirituality, Jessiah’s compositions mirror his home’s mesmerizing, vast landscapes and take listeners on an immersive journey, rich and varied in timbre. His work explores emotion, nature and life in a stunning conversation between each note and narrative.

This enchanting first piece came to life during a trip home to Arizona in August of last year. While performing at a wedding, Jessiah was offered the chance to use a local studio to record some of his creations. A little unprepared and slightly reluctantly, he sat down at a beautiful 9ft concert grand piano and began to improvise and record. He describes this song as a reflection of the challenges, confusion, and clarity that life can bring. A bittersweet acknowledgement of the growth that comes from leaving home but the unbreakable roots that remain – grounding us in our journey and re-enforcing the importance of family. You can hear Jessiah talk first-hand about the song here.

His debut release ‘QUELLE’, is a self-composed, piano piece dedicated to his older sister, with whom he lost contact around seven years ago. ‘I wanted to name this piece after her because she was one of the first people that I lost in my life, and it just shows that there is both beauty and restoration that can come from broken things.’

Returning to the very beginning and reflecting on his journey, this first composition focuses on the simplicity and intricacy of a solo piano, where Jessiah’s journey began. The music video features the original upright piano that he learned on, and includes a montage of personal home footage from childhood, specifically documenting his long-term relationship with the keys.

Whilst this may be his first public release, Jessiah is an incredibly accomplished musician and vocalist. He plans to integrate other instruments and collaborations into his future releases – continuing to share his captivating story and the dedication to his craft. He is based in Los Angeles, California, pursuing his musical endeavors full-time.

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