John Kurre – Bomb Pop Middles Summer Jams Contest

By 44faced on Jun 27, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

John Kurre submitted this track for the SoundCloud Bomb Pop Middles Summer Jams Contest. The conditions were that in order to qualify for this contest, musicians must only use the sounds (stems) from their kit to create a track.

About John Kurre: My name is John Kurre and I’m originally from Colorado Springs, USA. Today I continue to do most of my creative artwork from Colorado Springs, USA, and sign my work under the artist name John Kurre. I also own and operate a music company “Kurre Music Media” to undertake work commercially.

I find inspiration from traveling around the world and integrating with diverse cultural and ethnic groups which has greatly influenced my creative style and creative process. I create art because I love Music. I specialize in Music Composition, Direction, and Production. At the moment, I focus on creating Instrumental Music on Genres like Pop, Dancehall, and Hip-Hop but aspire to work with successful Music Directors in the industry to get my work noticed in joint productions.

My art style is Soulful Music. I am motivated by the experiences of my life. I have been creating music for many years now. My favorite artist is Yanny and I find their work to be Soulful! My work has been shown at Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Radio Stations, and YouTube.

I intend for others to realize that the Impossible is Possible and with dedication and passion, anyone can convert their emotions into soulful music. Creating Music is like Discovering Science. The more the input, the more the output. Stay focused and always be flexible to learn. It takes a lifetime to master any art.

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