Can Established Artists Express the Same Level of Motivation and Hunger as Jon Harris on His Debut Single “Big”?

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Jon Harris - Big on Spotify

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The debut single release “Big” from New York recording artist, Jon Harris (@officialjholla), from his upcoming album Who Is Jon Harris? captures the motivational essence of the upcoming artist at the beginning of his journey up.

Encapsulating his vision for greatness, Jon Harris drops a manifesto-like vision of big things ahead for him in an anthem-like style. The opening grandeur of a brass section setting up an epic Rocky-like atmosphere, with a beat reminiscent of elements similar to the majestic quality of then-Puff Daddy’s “Victory.” I immediately thought how it’s been a while since I heard a motivational hip hop song, the kind that gives the energy to get through another rep at the gym, the kind that gives that feeling within to push through a state that holds back. This is exactly what Jon Harris’ “Big” does. It’s a motivational hip hop song in what’s become a desert for this style.

That is definitely something unique paying attention to artists right at the beginning of their careers still establishing themselves: the raw hunger for the come up before it becoming satiated and calmed with the money and status that a successful artist encounters.

The production work is a unique pull-away from the maximally compressed and limited loud sounds battling for the top of the volume war food chain today. The bass and drum machine combo takes from an almost late-80s, early-90s electro-dance and hip hop aesthetic, and the brass layering builds intensity throughout the verses toward a major hook climax, the kind of hook made to invigorate the crowd.

The hook of “Big” instantly grabs hold of the brain’s neurons, embedding itself into the memory reserve through a bouncing flow that immediately gives the impression of a stadium full of fans, bopping up and down with their hands in the air, mimicking its every word together with Jon Harris…

I think big, dream big, and I plan big
To make sure everything that I do is big
I try to get the most out of this life that I live
And the only way to do it is to do it big, so what’s up?

The beauty of Jon Harris’ “Big” is in how Jon acts out his desired future state, envisioning his status as an accomplished artist with a dedicated fan following. The song acts as an affirmation. It makes clear what Jon Harris is aiming at, and pieces together a unique ensemble of elements uncommon to the hip hop sounds we’re used to hearing today in order to achieve its motivational impression.

Jon Harris is a Hip Hop recording artist from New York. He grew up in an upper Westchester and start making music with no musical background or formal training. Jon spent his high school career, college career and the years to follow learning all aspects of the music industry until he felt he was ready. On December 14 he released his first official song titled “Big” from Living Life Our Way Entertainment.

Listen to Jon Harris’ “Big” on Spotify »

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