JOSEPH – Love Attack (House Mix)

By 44faced on Sep 17, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

“Love Attack (House Mix)” is a fresh, radio-friendly, piano-driven dance track written and performed by JOSEPH.

JOSEPH is a performer and songwriter from San Diego, California. His first single “Rearview” was released in September 2022. He released an EDM remix EP Rearview – The Remixes that contains house, big room, and his interpretation of funk. The process of writing and recording his upcoming album has been an emotional journey. In the words of JOSEPH: “It showed me that there are people out there that need a voice to protect themselves from people that don’t get people like us. The people that dance, sing, and live their own life. These people will stop at nothing to bring you down, and the pain is real. It hurts. One thing that ALWAYS got me through was music! I hope my music can lift someone up and make them dance! This is just the start, the journey starts now. More to come on my story, who I am, and the inspiration behind my album.”

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