Kal Mystikal – Jesus Medley (Grace and Mercy)

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“Jesus Medley” by Kal Mystikal is a Gospel/Reggae/Afrobeats track about the Gospel of Jesus and the life he led. It also shows appreciation and gratitude for what he has done for us and thanking him for his grace and mercy.

Kal Mystikal is a veteran independent singer, songwriter and producer who debuted a brand new solo project in 2023. Originally from Spanish Town, Jamaica, he got his start in music as a teenager singing in school. At sixteen, he met producer Kofi Dunbar who invited Kal to his studio at Corner Street Records. There the budding young musician learned the tools of the trade.

When he was twenty-six years-old he traveled across the Atlantic to pursue his music career in Germany. Since the move, Kal Mystikal has launched his own record label (CMA Records). In December he debuted his new project with the international release of his funky Afrobeats interpretation of “The Lord’s Prayer.”

Stream Kal Mystikal – “Jesus Medley (Grace and Mercy)”: lnk.to/GT5r8AVJ

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