Kali Katana – EY3 2 EY3

By 44faced on Jul 07, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

EY3 2 EY3 by Kali Katana is an album dedicated to the youth of the world. It has VERY conscious lyrics that spread love, truth, and growth to everyone.

Kali Katana is a producer born and raised in Southern California, currently residing in Southern Colorado, making conscious music to help grow people and to show them that they’re not alone in this world. It’s time to support the damaged.

Stream Kali Katana – EY3 2 EY3open.spotify.com/album/3O9JOV2CjdhzKavEzPNMiI?si=eGXBNXxtS16Hsca38LAkTw