Kapable – Grew Up 2 Fast

By 44faced on Sep 17, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

“Grew Up 2 Fast” by Kapable is a reminiscent hip hop track portraying the mindset of a small artist looking back on memories from his teenage years, and how he feels he grew up too fast. With a smooth, chill vibe, it is said to be a great track to put on when someone is relaxing, or looking back on the fun and unstressful days of their childhood.

Kapable is a small artist signed to Phantom Records LLC residing in Indiana, where he has slowly and quietly made the necessary moves to grow his fan base. Kapable took a break from music for 2+ years, focusing on the difficulties of life and providing for the small family he has created. He aims to make great versatile music that everyone can enjoy.

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