Kareem Jamal – Adios

By 44faced on Jul 07, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

Kareem Jamal’s “Adios” embodies the notion of doing rather than talking. Having fun, creating goals, including others & exerting self confidence.

It was created by Kareem Jamal free-styling to his own up-beat, self-produced sound and going with the flow. “roll with it” as he mentions in the song.

Kareem Jamal is a photographer, audio specialist & rapper hailing from Nottingham, England.

His objective has been to help enhance others auditory requirements as a hearing audiologist & audio engineer, whilst also building portfolio content for various models & artists across Great Britain as a photographer. Within the past month, Kareem has returned to music releasing a total of three singles including this newly released “Adios” and four videos on his YouTube channel!

Stream Kareem Jamal “Adios”: