Key Money Musik – No Assistance

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No Assistance is an album by Key Money Musik that will form an anthem on empowering minds. Key Money Musik is a self-motivated and inspired artist who is bringing authentic lyricism back into mainstream hip hop. It’s a creative and vibey album with nuances of musicality that are immersed in cultural diversity. The album will set the world alight and give people hope, inspiration, and courage to be who they are and to be what they want to be. It’s a message of encouragement to those who have been struggling and members of the LGBT community can take heart in the underlying themes of the album. The skill in her delivery is undeniable. She pours her heart out and spits authentic bars and witty and intricate punchlines. It’s an album for anyone to learn that they can take the steps to shape their future and re-write their own story. No matter the situation and no matter who they are. Play, download and stream this body of conscious bangers! Key Money Musik is here to change the game.

Lakeya Cleveland who goes by the moniker of Key Money Musik. She is a multi-talented vocalist and rapper born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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