This Unsigned, Unknown and Unheard Rapper Is Working on Getting 1 View and 1 Like

By 44faced on Aug 11, 2018 in Music , Reviews - 0 Comments

Unsigned, unknown, unheard (at least for now) you’d walk past KF Greatness and fail to recognize under his humble external appearance the passion burning under the surface. But his mixtape France Nights boldly cuts straight through the fluorescent flamboyance of 2018 rap by relentlessly pumping an AR-15 heart through a 19-year-old throat that sounds like it’s been inhaling and exhaling smoke for 30 years in an underground car park—a sound other rappers and producers are fiddling with pedals and plugins to try reach. An outsider to the mumble and cursive styles of his Soundcloud peers, KF Greatness articulates lyrical clarity with a flow so natural it sounds like he was forming rhymes when everyone else was just starting to say “Mommy” and “Daddy.”

Throughout France Nights, KF Greatness seeks to brush away the layers of negativity, fabrications and falseness surrounding him, and express the inner voice that speaks his truth: self-reassurance, self-motivation, self-determination and hard work to remain adhered to his goals and work (“My Calling” and “Steady Grindin”), relationship problems (“My Trust In”), appreciation and blessings for his family (“Outta Here/Family”), finding strength to pursue his dreams despite ongoing criticism and negativity (“Doubted Me”), the little devil on KF Greatness’ left shoulder deploying a diss track against his unbelievers (“Alter Ego”), the inability for KF Greatness to be understood, where as much as he outputs, he can’t get all the experiences he’s had through to people (“Understand Me” and “Thru It All”).

In an era where the introverted lyricist come up is getting replaced by extravagant buzz-generating social media experts, the search to find and communicate realness, values and awareness of one’s movements in society remains to be the undying essence of hip hop that lives on through KF Greatness. No matter how many views, listens and likes accumulate, KF Greatness is focusing on just one view—his own—and being true to it.

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