KF Greatness – Humbled Recognition [Review]

By 44faced on Feb 10, 2019 in Music , Reviews - 0 Comments

When you hear that a 19 year-old artist has been recording for only 2 years, you don’t expect the kind of maturity that KF Greatness (@imkatajikfisher) showcases on his release, “Humbled Recognition.”

An 8-track release, “Humbled Recognition” delves into the essence of the grind in the face of adversity. KF Greatness’ almost Kendrick Lamar-esque voice sounds 10 years older than he is, and his lyrics too successfully express a wealth of life experiences, relationships, obstacles in the way of success, with clever wordplay and seasoned flows. KF Greatness’ voice has a lyricist percussiveness, with an ability to penetrate melodies through a natural throat distortedness. His verses make virtuosic lyrical maneuvers sound easy, and his hooks slam.

The beauty of catching KF Greatness at such an early stage is that song after song, you feel the hunger, the work, the grind, the raw energy, and a clear focus on what he wants… fiery passion shining through a very humble and calm, external expression. He’s not sitting back in any chair lavishing in his success… yet. He’s seeped in the life of the come up and blending all of its experiences into a new kind of salad.

The honesty and humbleness is probably most indicative in the song, “Honest,” where he states, “I’m just being honest, no time for games, I gotta run it.” But turn on the release straight from the first track, “Curious,” and listen through till the end. You’ll be glad that you caught this artist so early. Keep an eye out for KF Greatness.