Kings Of Carlisle – Waiting On You

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Kings Of Carlisle’s music covers all genres. They have 11 singles out in everything from pop to country.

Russell Leedy is a seasoned singer, songwriter and producer crafting songs in many genres of music including rock, soul , jazz, gospel and country. His early recordings were in California. He was produced by Canyon Crest Records and released 4 songs under their direction. Russell then traveled and lived in Miami, Fl. for over 10 years. He formed a band and performed in many local Miami clubs. Russell returned to his home state Pennsylvania and continued to play music. He has spent many years playing in clubs and entertainment venues in the Pennsylvania area. Kings of Carlisle also known as K O C, was formed with the late guitarist and Russell’s best friend Keith, in 2018. The pair published and released three songs on all platforms and had hoped to continue the project together. Russell will continue the dream for both of them and will release new music for the next 5 years. Every song has been written, produced and performed by Russell Leedy and each is uniquely diverse.

K O C hopes to inspire all fans and young artists to be the best they can be. Find what you love to do and perfect the skills to accomplish that. The only failure is not trying.

Live, Love and Be Free!

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