LaZae – Is This Love?

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In LaZae’s personal note on his new release, “Is This Love?” he discusses the need to get the unification we need so desperately in these times: “Peace be with you, This is an artful meditation on my experiences with the divine feminine over the past few years, as it relates to history and parenthood. A lot of places in scripture (and other sacred text) women are leading in the forefront in displaying faith, ushering healing, etc., however in contemporary times they have been placed in a subservient role. Let’s put an end to this socialized thinking, malreligion, etc., and get the unification we desperately need in these times.” – LaZae.

About LaZae:

Born in Indiananapolis, Indiana, and raised in Fayetteville, NC, LaZae’ is artist that beautifully weaves complex lyricism, emotionalism, history, and personal narrative that allows for a transformational experience for the listener. It is his hope that he serves as the messenger for the creator, and encourages his listeners to seek their divine purpose within and radiate their own unique message unto the world.

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