Leadboots – Someplace Better

By 44faced on Sep 08, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

What if Johnny Cash was the singer for a Brit-pop revival? A mash up of many influences from Tears for Fears to The Black Keys.

The forthcoming EP from LeadBoots, Someplace Better, follows up on 2020’s well received The Call of the Void by doubling down on the band’s refusal to conform fully to any singular genre. Retaining their focus on hooks and melody, the band manages to stitch together fabrics from blues, folk, punk-pop and indie into a patchwork of something seamlessly new and yet timelessly familiar.

The band started life in Norwich as an acoustic duo, playing intricate folk and blues arrangements. Progressively leaning into their love of indie and rock, a rhythm section was recruited with the aim of creating a set of songs combining a diverse range of influences from Radiohead to 1920’s delta blues. The result is a sound that can draw its inspiration from anywhere but is unmistakably Leadboots.

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