Lex Candy – Ilyt

By 44faced on Sep 17, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

“Ilyt” is an energetic indie pop song that celebrates the different facets of love. It’s for anyone who enjoys positive vibes with deep but still positive lyrics. You could say that the vibe of “Ilyt” is somewhere between Two Door Cinema Club, Harry Styles, and Wolf Alice.

About Lex Candy: 2021 finally was the right time for Lex Candy to start writing the music he really loves, getting sober and breaking an unhealthy cycle of alcoholism and toxic people. After writing a lot of material the new direction was clear. It’s Pop, it’s like magic, it’s a little bit of Indie, Power Pop Ballads and a Groove only RnB has, it’s Lex Candy! Coming from the DIY Punk Scene in Austria/Burgenland and an excessive lifestyle, the new direction fit so good that everything in his life changed for good.

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