Listen to This Musical Alchemy: Isabel Marcheselli’s Journey as a Singer-Songwriter in 4 Songs

By 44faced on Feb 04, 2024 in Music - 0 Comments

Isabel Marcheselli is a singer-songwriter originally from New York and an active musician in western Massachusetts. For years, she has been writing her own special blend of original music, ambient pop, and now offers arrangements of her emotional and lyrical melodies for the listening pleasure of others.

“Josefina” is a song by Isabel Marcheselli that originally first released in 2008 on her band’s self-titled album, Isabel and The Whispers. Here, it is provided in three different arrangements. The jazz arrangement is arranged and performed by jazz artist, Francisco Peragallo. The remix is a synth pop remake of the song. Finally, the string quartet arrangement is arranged for two violins, viola, and cello. “Dot to Dot” was also first released in 2008 on Isabel Marcheselli’s band’s self-titled album, Isabel and The Whispers, and here is released as a new digitally remastered version of the song.

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