Love Fi (Emic compilation Lo-fi Hip Hop Chill Beats)

By 44faced on Apr 03, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

Love has always been a source of inspiration for any art form. It is also, and above all, a source of inspiration for the beatmakers who composed the 13 original beats contained in the LOVE FI compilation. This is a collection of Lo-fi Hip Hop instrumentals produced by Emic Lo-fi /Hip Hop, a new sub-label from Emic Entertainment, one of the first labels in Italy to give an important space to the composite world of Italian Lo-Fi.

Inside LOVE FI there are all the nuances of love: from the most vivid passion to melancholy, from joy to sweetness through electronic sounds and settings that translate into groove sensations, points of view and personal emotions.

A way of talking about love in its purest form, using the simplicity of melodies and the sinuous textures of rhythms that are sometimes relaxing, sometimes more complex and seductive.

The mood of the compilation is completed by the cover designed by Azzurra Brogna, which describes an abstract world where love is free from stereotypes and fully explodes in a digital dawn.

LOVE FI exalts the idealisation of love present in each of us, tickles our most vivid dreams and takes us into a parallel universe where passion is the only thing that counts.

Emic Entertainment, an independent label from Bologna, gives life to a new division dedicated exclusively to the world of Lo-fi/Hip Hop: the natural consequence of a path started in April 2020 with the release of the first compilation (001/20).

Emic was one of the first labels in Italy to create an editorial line of this genre, that now has 4 compilations, over 50 beats and dozens of beatmakers, involved in Italy and in Europe. A mix of well known and emerging artists, who gave life to a precious collection of grooves and sounds, that narrate a musical world increasingly present among listeners, all over the world.

Emic Lo-fi/ Hop Hop was born to be a landmark for those who love the genre and want to analyze a world full of hints, from instrumental beats to a new way of making rap and hip hop

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