A Musical Journey to a Different Place in 3 Minutes and 52 Seconds of Love Ghost’s “Mr. Blue”

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One of the greatest things music can do is take you from emotional point A to emotional point B, and even C, D and E etc. in just a few minutes. That’s exactly what Love Ghost’s “Mr. Blue” achieves.

Aside from the warm guitar tang, the full, chunky-yet-bouncy drums, the chest-felt bass undercurrent, graduating into a blooming ensemble of strings, pads and lead guitar, and the voice seated in the center holding a strong body throughout… i.e. aside from the luscious production and engineering work, the song makes a great use of dynamic range and intensification.

“Mr. Blue” opens at a relatively receded energy level. The more the song evolves, the more the interaction of efforts to combine sounds of the different instruments and the vocals together, materializing into a flourishing bouquet of harmonious elements.

The accumulation erupts when the chorus hits, like a drone camera sweeping into shore from high above the beach… waves of “I am Mr. Blue-oo” flowing over a field of an epic distorted guitar and additions of more and more strings and pads, continuously intensifying throughout and leading each time to the next song plateau.

Vocally, Love Ghost give out a hand to their parachute partners participating in the listening experience. In a style that can often spill into vocal overload, Finnegan Bell maintains a moderateness that is fair and perfectly complementary to the instrumentation. His inviting vocal delivery finds an integral slot in the dense palate of sound space that Love Ghost masterfully fill up thanks to producer Carl Restivo, known for working on Tom Morello’s The Atlas Underground.

With such a pleasurable musical world that Love Ghost generates, the connection to life’s problems communicates through the plane of language: the pain of Finnegan’s depression, struggle with relationships and finding his place in society clashing with the uplifting musical current like waves on the shore.

I see the world is tainted
I bid you all adieu
I am Mr. Blue

Ah, how the painful experience of life gives more flavor to the pleasurable experience of music. That’s what I love about Love Ghost, which is what I’m sure Love Ghost also loves about Love Ghost.

Or maybe, the experience of connecting to make music gives more flavor to the pleasurable experience of music. That’s actually what I love more about Love Ghost, which is what I also now think Love Ghost loves more about Love Ghost.

Here’s a great shot of them together…

Love Ghost

About Love Ghost:

Love Ghost is an alternative rock band consisting of Finnegan Bell (guitar and vocals), Mya Greene (Viola and Keyboard), Ryan Stevens (Bass and background vocals) and Samson Young (drums). They have just returned from a successful tour of Ireland where they played Whelan’s, Crane Lane, Roisin Dubh and Spirit Store (amongst others). They will be touring Japan in March and have 11 shows booked in Tokyo and Osaka. On April 27th they will be one of the featured bands in de Música de Vanguardia Festivalfff in Ambato, Ecuador- and they will be playing 2 shows in Quito prior to the Festival.

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Website: www.loveghost.com

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