Low – People Change

By 44faced on Jan 11, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

In the words of Low (a.k.a. LowerEastBeast): “I base my music from everyday Living of Life, My Influences are people such as G-Rap, Nas, Jayz, Kanye, Biggie, But my sound would be classified as BoomBap Hip Hop or Lofi Hip Hop such as artist like, MasterAce, JoeyBadass, Sadatx, Smith&Wesson, and etc.”

Low (a.k.a. LowerEastBeast) is a hip hop artist from the Lower East Side. 3rd st and Ave D to be exact. who’s known for his aggressive witty lyrics and Rhyme Flow. The rapper exudes confidence as he delivers heavy hitting punchlines that explore serious issues in his community as well as his own life. His name “Low” embodies a street mentality and New York State of mind that he believed keeping a low profile is the best way to survive when you doing dirt. Recognized by his inner circle for clever lyrics that don’t just speak the truth but almost screams it, low was encouraged by those closest to share New York’s best kept secret with a larger audience. As a composer, writer, and artist, he has always expressed himself in music. Low has always been creative and ambitious with a secretive nature that served him well in his neighborhood. He is now ready to break his silence and share his sound with the world and make some noise in 2020, Low is seeking more than survival in pursuit of his dreams. keep an eye out for this artist as he embodies New York he is New York.

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