Luther Monroe – Never Judge A Book By Its Cover EP

By 44faced on Sep 15, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

Luther Monroe’s Never Judge A Book By Its Cover is a two-track EP containing two genre-pushing EDM tracks, “Tango Berlinesque” and “Cloud City.” 

“Tango Berlinesque” is a fluid and dynamic Tech House production… containing organic elements from classical Argentinian tango, other Latin flavours in brass, and a touch of flamenco thrown in. All the notation is by me (accordions, bass guitar, pianos, clarinet, cello, castanets, trumpets and saxophone).

“Cloud City” is dreamy and hypnotic deep-tech take of the Dub Techno style that remains danceable, leading the listener or dancefloor through three distinct sections of pure pleasure with no repetitions over six minutes.

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