Mandy Slate – I Know You Know

By 44faced on Sep 07, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

By reinventing classic girl group romance through the lens of Gen-Z’s world-weary perspective, Mandy Slate has created an alt-pop gem that sparkles with both vulnerability and strength. Mandy’s hyper-feminine personality translates perfectly to the song’s lovelorn lyrics, which she describes as a ‘scathing love letter written in pink ink.’ With its sugary melody, soulful performance, and cutting lyrics, “I Know You Know” provides a unique perspective of young love in an all-too-confusing modern world.

Hailing from Arizona and based in Los Angeles, California, Mandy Slate is an up-and-coming independent artist and songwriter with a penchant for writing infectious tunes with relatable narratives. With big dreams and energy to spare, Mandy Slate’s music is filled with compulsive hooks, dreamy alt-pop production, old-soul sensibilities, and refreshingly honest lyricism.

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