Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé – Rêve Inachevé

By 44faced on Nov 11, 2022 in Music - 0 Comments

“Rêve Inachevé” by Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé is new age, trance, electronic music at its finest. Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé gives us some insight behind his music: “I learned music like everyone else … in school and in high school. I also took private lessons in music theory and amplified guitar (School of Rock’n roll of Grenoble). At the same time, I started out in classical guitar at a very young age, forming a group first as a singer and then a guitarist. I left this group in 1980 after an evening on stage. I’ve had a period where I was a street musician. After a long time without musical activity, I use now for this musical keyboards. Currently, I compose and perform my compositions.”

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