Marina Massanova – Dank’o’holik

By 44faced on Sep 20, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Genre-fluid punk rap queen Marina Massanova released her latest feel-good anthem “Dank’o’holic” on September 15, 2020. The heavy-hitter is the perfect soundtrack to anybody who likes a good drink. Touching on subjects like partying and alcoholism, the timeless track is inspired by alcohol addiction. It is quite possibly one of the most uplifting tracks about the subjects, bringing raw bars with emotional, upbeat hooks.

Marina Massanova is a Ukrainian singer and rapper. Her style incorporates a bit of screaming, more or less rapping, vocals here and there and so on… As Marina puts it: “it’s nothing particular, but a current mood”

Stream Marina Massanova – “Dank’o’holik”