Marina Massanova – Normality

By 44faced on Jan 29, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

Wild, untamed, and brimming with raw rap energy. Marina Massanova’s latest smash track, “Normality,” takes us on an adrenaline-drenched thrill ride through a furious flurry of genres. From the hard-hitting hip-hop bars to the drastic flip into hardbass, here’s one song that’s bold, daring, and impossible to ignore. The timeless track pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with music. With Massanova’s energy-fueled and at times wacky style, it’s hard not to like it.

The Ukrainian singer-songwriter even directed the video. Dripped in cool, calm charisma, it shows her with her two friends from first grade getting into all kinds of mischief. From visuals of intercourse with an imaginary guy to the slapping of buttocks, it really grabs your attention and stops you dead in your tracks. Her style is impossible to pigeonhole as it incorporates so many different genres. Though it lands somewhere along the spectrum of punk rap. This ultimately leads to a sound that’s simply oozing with originality and could not be imitated by anyone else.

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