Mk836 – Means, Manner And Method

By 44faced on Jun 29, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Means, Manner And Method is the second album from Electronica/Trip Hop/Hip Hop Duo Mk836. The album is a blend of Hip Hop, Trip Hop and Electronica with slight blends of Rock, Pop and R&B Thrown In For Flavor.

Mk836 Is a Hip Hop/Trip Hop/Electronica Duo Featuring The Talents Of Hillside, NJ Native Greg L.Hines (PKA/Brother Noyze The Mad Musician) And Christopher T. Collins (PKA/D-Cypl). Each Member Is also Involved in Other Musical Projects Including The Legion Of Rhyme, House Of ILL Repute and Jersey Advocates. They are both Producers and Artists and Both Have solo musical careers as well.

Stream Mk836 – Means, Manner And Method on YouTube: