MNL48 – Summertime

By 44faced on Jun 17, 2024 in Music - 0 Comments

“Summertime” by MNL48 is a citypop, disco, and synthwave vibe blending old and new school elements into a nostalgic and carefree expression of warmth and brightness. The melody is smooth and upbeat with an infectious instrumental and appealing hook, rounded out by pleasing vocals which makes for an energetic yet easy listening experience.

MNL48 is an idol girl group based in Manila, Philippines. Formed in 2018, they are the first idol group in the country and the fourth international sister group of AKB48 of Tokyo Japan. Dubbed as the “P-Pop (idol) Pioneers”, MNL48 paved the way towards a new era of the Philippine pop idol industry and is a vocal stalwart among its sister groups. Known for its Jpop inspired catchy tunes, MNL48 embarks on a new direction with its newest single, Summertime, a catchy tune with a smooth citypop and synthwave vibe.

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