Moments in a Dream – It’s Okay

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If anyone is suffering from depression or loneliness, Moments in a Dream wrote this song for you. In the words of the artist, “I was hoping it was possible for someone like me with just an acoustic guitar and a 10 years old smartphone to reach other people facing some tough times and maybe not feel scared and depressed.”

This is for everyone whose willing to look beyond the production quality (understanding that it was recorded on the artist’s phone), and feel the heart of the artist, what the artist wants to pass onto you. Nonetheless, the song reveals a great acoustic guitarist and songwriter, using whatever means he has to pass on a message to those in need.

Below are the artist’s notes and lyrics:


Time has gone by,
I learnt my lessons right,
A little beat and tired.

I’ve known this for so long,
I sing my heart a song,
And all of it is gone.

It’s okay,
It could’ve been worse,
And I wouldn’t be here,
Then I wouldn’t be here.

I’ve been myself so far,
When I’m not it’s very dark,
Don’t know where to start.

Take it all away,
I’ll live another day,
I’ll find the words to stay.

It’s okay,
It could’ve been worse,
And I wouldn’t be here.
Then I wouldn’t be here.

I’ll find it all again,
I know that I still can,
Though broken,
I’ll stand.

Written and performed by Moments in a Dream.

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