N.E.A.R. – The Worst Generation

By 44faced on Jun 15, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

The songs on the album The Worst Generation by N.E.A.R. are a journey through the various emotions felt in the artist’s life. The album starts with great joy and ends in darkness and shows the unstable mind of the artist, where he feels good one second, and suicidal the next. The trap album is built with many different sounds, including anime sounds, cute Japanese vocals, a  feature from a Japanese artist, distorted guitar, distorted synths, loud 808s, heavy basses, and loud double snares. It is almost like being in a roller coaster with dynamic sounds of Korea, Japan, and USA.

Born in Korea, N.E.A.R. has moved around a lot in his life from New York to Japan. Encompassing all his experiences, he pushes to introduce a new feeling in the music industry with heavily Japan-Korea influenced sounds and melodies.

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