Naked Animals – The Machines Inside of Me

By 44faced on May 22, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Naked Animals are an active rock band with impressive vocals, loud guitars and cool synth, playing a new kind of synth rock.

“Out of a pitch black stage emerge two girls wearing robes with candles surrounding a band wearing black, playing music like you are being invited into a satanic orgy, then all of the sudden it’s like, full speed ahead rock with real deal bad ass aggressive rock-n-roll vocals, slamming drums and loud ass guitars. Next thing I know people are hanging from chains and shit, there a sparks flying from some chick with a grinder, knives being juggled, a hot girl laying on a bed of nails while the lead singer stands on her and plays, it was fucking chaos. I thought someone was gonna die honestly so I pulled out my cell phone and started filming. It was fucking rad.” – Jared (a random fan from a live performance)

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