Nick Almighty – Iron Throne

By 44faced on Apr 06, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

Nick Almighty ‘murders whack rappers and leaves a trail of bones’ on his latest hard hitting single “Iron Throne.” Gallantly displaying his talents while simultaneously G-checking competitors, Nick Almighty’s grandiose claims prove he is worthy of the throne. With layered punchlines and metaphors Nick Almighty’s lyrical prowess fits perfectly over top a heavy instrumental with deep bass, booming kicks and snares, and a gritty chopped piano loop. Nick draws a stark contrast to the real street life he’s from and what is portrayed on the screens in music today by rappers. Detailing his disappointment with the fads in Hip-Hop Nick states his rightful claim to the throne, annihilating fakes and hacks while returning Rap back to it’s original roots.

Nick Almighty is an artist out of Memphis, TN with almost 100k streams over all platforms. His latest single, “Sauce God,” has been released with a phenomenal video. Nick Almighty takes pride in the quality of music he presents. “Sauce God” has gotten a lot of attention and he’s performed it in front of hundreds. The song is a hit and can be heard on radio stations in multiple cities.

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