NoKissing – GreenEyes & EyeLiner

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NoKissing, evokes depth and delicacy in his newly-released single, “GreenEyes & EyeLiner,” which came to fruition after a string of recent singles releases.

The single emerges as the latest unraveling of the American singer-songwriter’s (from Detroit, MI) soul-searching through his wide range of genre-bending influences from Kurt Cobain to Juice WRLD. Each of his releases are stepping stones on a journey increasingly revealing an introspective expansion of the artist’s mind and heart.

Shrouded in secrecy, outside NoKissing’s melodic outpourings, he discloses nothing more than bite-sized fragments about his music, which serve more as hints rather than clarifications. About the single, NoKissing’s few words of self-description are as concise as they are a question mark in and of themselves, that “this song is ambient, upbeat, with reflective subject matter.”

Taking these questions into the release, together with visually-arousing lyrics, attention-demanding voice, enticing bridges, a catchy hook within smooth production, the listener encounters a floating motion, melancholy blended with beauty, reflecting the confrontation between the mind’s paradoxes and the emotional release that the music provides both artist and listener.

“GreenEyes & EyeLiner” comes as a major artistic milestone for NoKissing, after his recent single release, “Leave Me Alone,” and the music videos for his captivating singles, “BADTHING” featuring MVRV, and “GreenDay,” the latter of which has racked up over 51K views on YouTube to this day.

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