North Pope – Strange Times (EP)

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Strange Times is the new four-track EP from North Pope. In the words of North Pope:

This EP was my suggestion to the collective. I started to think about it during the curfews in France, we were locked inside our apartments and the future seemed very uncertain by this time.

I always dreamed about doing a record on my own but I didn’t really know where to start, as it was my first EP. What I was really sure about was the style that I was going to deal with: the Coldwave. I spent all my teenage years listening to bands such as The Sound, And Also The Trees. Even recently, I was very amazed by the resurgence of the genre by Eastern European/Russian bands such as Ploho, Molchat Domo and so on.

Why “Strange Times”?

Strange are the times we are living in. War, terrorism, political abuses, sexual harassment, rapes, racism… Humans are not very humane anymore. This EP gathers all my views about the world we are living in.

Who is North Pope? North Pope is a collective of artists created in 2022. Its purpose is to support and encourage the creation of all of its members. No guideline, no style constraint, the collective ventures from project to project on the new grounds brought by the different members.

A veritable sandbox, the collective’s environment allows our artists to explore and experiment musically but also visually thanks to the talents of graphic designers and videographers that we are proud to count in our ranks. North Pope benefits from the years of experience of its members acquired through several groups and projects in order to offer valuable advice to anyone who would like to get started.

Always looking for new adventures, the collective is ready to help you in your project. For this you can contact us on our Facebook page, Instagram @north_pope or by email at the following address :

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