Nsh Ghxst – I’m Not in Love (Remix)

By 44faced on Apr 15, 2023 in Music - 0 Comments

“I’m Not in Love (Remix)” by Nsh Ghxst is a song about being in love with someone but not wanting to admit it to them or to yourself, or trying to convince yourself that you don’t love them because the other person might make too big a deal out of it, and you’re trying to convince yourself that it’s less of a big deal than it really is.

Nsh Ghxst, is hitting full speed with this newest single, “I’m Not In Love” (Remix) Ft Nsh Da Real. Melodic, catchy, and far from basic- Nsh Ghxst has found his sound. Growing up, music always played a major part in my life, said the 22-year old singer/songwriter from Norristown, Philadelphia. After finally stepping into the booth, it’s safe to say there’s no getting him out. His growth in only a year paired with his grind, displays raw talent, individuality & most importantly, HUSTLE. Young and hungry, Nsh Ghxst plans to push out even more consistent music in an attempt to grow his popularity. Step by step, his efforts are beginning to pay off; having reached over 11K views on his “GYALIS” freestyle via TikTok!

Stream Nsh Ghxst – “I’m Not in Love (Remix)” on Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/0rE0heChZPC6IwNjpgG28z?highlight=spotify:track:6OcI32rqetgLW5Ejds2gGd

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