NycoKing – HOV

By 44faced on Jul 25, 2021 in Music - 0 Comments

Ever heard a new song and said to yourself, “This is what Hip Hop is missing”? “HOV” is that song. NycoKing is that 1 artist that Hip Hop culture blooms once every 10 years. We hear the term “Freestyle” so often, but how loosely it’s used and the way artist misrepresent the word is a disgrace to it’s original meaning. NycoKing really raps “off the top” and is yet to find an artist who can out rap him (challenge, anyone??) He literally wrote HOV in under 20 minutes. His arsenal will change the trajectory of not just Hip Hop but music itself, just like the handful of other artists did, the Jay’s, the Big’s, the Pac’s, the Em’s, the Wayne’s and so forth. I can go on describing why he is possibly the most talented new artist of this time.

The World is awaiting NycoKing!

NycoKing hails from Brooklyn, NY. The best English/Spanish Artist you’ll ever hear!

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