Obsezzion – About It

By 44faced on May 24, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

“About It” is a song that Obsezzion made about making it out of the hood.

Who is Obsezzion? What might seem like a simple question becomes an intricate and complex review within 5 minutes of chilling with him. After meeting up on a stormy day in South LA to seeing him come alive in an East Miami studio, it’s clear that Obsezzion is not one to be defined and in that medium is where he thrives. After making music for just a year, it could be easy to assume that being an artist was his chosen path. While this is true, it seems that being artist is just one of many gifts he is pursuing. He also makes his own beats, plays the piano, saxophone and mix/master. 
“I believe that I can do all things with God. I was blessed with musical talent. it is just the path I knew I could focus on and consistently give my all to . I’m just confident in myself”. 
 “I know that I can serve as a role model and show kids that there are other options than the streets. My influence goes beyond the music. I’m giving “game” to these young kids on the projects as well.”

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