Oneillias – This That

By 44faced on Feb 04, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

One part of me wants to recommend a better mix, but another part of me absorbs the perfection of “This That” by Oneillias (@oneillias). The raw, bedroom, under-produced quality makes “This That” a meme ready to infest the Internet. I even feel like my own words are infecting its place of perfection. Usually, I’d write back with branding/marketing suggestions, how to make the descriptions and bios look fuller, but the way it’s written is so perfect in its own way, that I don’t want to stain it with all these words I’m blabbing out, so here it goes, in Oneillias’ words:

“THIS THAT by Oneillias is a very hype song. Hip hop and it has potential to be great. I’m not really about representing where I’m from but 904 Florida where it’s at !”

It definitely has potential to be great. Out of 10, I give it a billion.

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