Optimus – Who Am I

By 44faced on Aug 02, 2020 in Music , Reviews - 0 Comments

Who Am I is an album by Optimus, which expresses what he has been through in the past five years. It also gives a vision, with every track, of how he lived his live up until now. Optimus describes himself as an artist by being driven, and that he strives forward for his kids, showing them to never give up on a dream, no matter what your age is.

Who Am I spans 13 tracks, for over 41 minutes, including a short introduction in “Probation” before the album’s title track, “Who Am I,” hits in epic orchestral fashion: strings stabs and choir shouts coupled with hard-smacking boom bap beats underlie Optimus’ lyrical statement track that peels away layer after layer about his life.

Each following track highlights different aspects of Optimus’ being and shoots from different angles of mood and perspective, but it is all held together with a special glue that runs consistent throughout the album: a feeling of perseverance, striving on, and constant motivation.

The instrumental counterparts of orchestral elements add a characteristic bigness to Optimus’ sound that provide a perfect mood accompaniment to the driving energy that Optimus brings to the rap world.

Two out of the 13 tracks, “King of Rap” and “Eating Good,” include features by Travis Gero, who adds a different flavor into the mix, albeit strengthening the general atmosphere of confidence that builds throughout the album.

Optimus’ Who Am I is an album to put on in the morning to get a boost for the day, to motivate our striving forward to discover our dreams, and to give the energy to push every next harder rep at the gym. Optimus successfully communicates dedication, discipline, hard work and the motivation to progress throughout the album, definitely a solid effort carved in audio that acts to give stamina and tenacity to its listeners.

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