Paul R. Cuddle – Revival (Remastered 2022)

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“Revival” means memory but above all it means awakening of emotions, of moments, of a past life that never went away because it is in the mind, in the soul. It recalls a life that will prepare to a new future made of new emotions. The notes of the piano help to reach a state of relax and wellness of mind and body; they are the background in a journey that awaken our most intimate part, they help to have power on ourselves and to be conscious of our real essence, present in any of us. And when mind and soul live the euphoria of this sensations also our body found a new life e discover another dimensions. Relax, joy in life and authenticity can be found in “Revival.”

About Paul R. Cuddle: My name is Paolo Robino, I’m a pianist and I come from Sicily (Italy). I decided to pick a stage name: Paul R. Cuddle.

I’ve always had engraved in my mind a quote from Riccardo Muti, a great orchestra leader, : “ everyone should study music, it refines the soul”, he is right. Staying in the middle of the nature, surrounded by woods, it is a continuous source of inspiration. I made a choice. City’s sounds was taking me away from myself, from who I really am. I wasn’t able anymore to listen to myself and to look inside me. In nature I found myself again, the best part of me, the kindest one. Music, in this case my music, will cure you from the pain of living that hide inside us, it will gave you new energy, a new life.

Listening to this music it is a chance to find ourselves and to open at the world. This music is belonging to nature, meditation, an hug to the world and to all humans being. And with music I want to help you being happy with your life, to really understand yourself and to be with you in the moment of your life. I wanna make you feel good and to help you reborn as I did.

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