Phantm Phuego – Playing With Fire

By 44faced on Apr 03, 2019 in Music - 0 Comments

“Playing With Fire” is the first single off Phantm Phuego’s (@phantm) new project entitled MHO part 2. This single has that feel-good warm, classical hip-hop sound, with a simple yet captivating boom-bap drum pattern composed by the elite production team the Soul Shakers. It’s Phantm paying respect, and honor to a golden-age in music with new contemporary flows, and rhyme styles plus that unique visual-imagery Phantm Phuego is known for in his song’s. The track is very descriptive line by line and while very different from the rest of the offerings on MHO sets the rest of the album up quite nicely.

A beat plays in the background. No lyrics have been placed into this soulful four-to-the-floor production just yet,but already a story takes form. The setting; a beautifully designed modern meets classic production studio in the heart of NYC. The main character, our hero is a humble one at times; doing his very best Clark Kent impersonation; and at others he can be the loudest voice in a venue full of screaming music lovers. Generally cause his voice has the help of good amplification. Awesome microphones that he wields like weapons as his message has the power to both heal and harm. Uplift, or create sorrows, make your body move, and get your head nodding, or make just you stand still and listen. But when you ask him how he feels about wielding that very double edged wordplay Phantm a.k.a Phantm Phuego states emphatically that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Born in an age where social norms where fast changing, and what was once down is now up that cultural 720° seems to have molded the mind state of this ever evolving artist who says settling is never an option ; “I never want to get stuck doing a particular thing; as weird as it may seem I don’t want to be known for a “sound” , but I want to be known as a complete artist whose impact on the hip hop/ rap genre, and music period will become timeless and forever relevant. I want new fans 20 years from now to hear my music, and say wow that’s exactly how I felt today, or that just happened to me yesterday…. it may sound cliche, or even a little cocky, but I know i was put here to make timeless music. ” Raised in a home where he saw how good music could make Sunday dinner taste ever better, and how melodies could comfort loved ones in times of sorrow, and loss Phantm realized music’s power at a very young age. He knew right away that whatever else he did in life, music would play a huge role. It would become his heartbeat. His bloodline. The reason he is a free man “Everyone has had a moment in life where the right song completely changed their day… Well when that happened for me it stopped me from committing a very serious crime. So I literally owe music my life”. Phantms New Project MHO Part 2 Features the lead single Playing with Fire which is available everywhere now.

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