Piper Landon – Seasonal

By 44faced on Feb 01, 2020 in Music - 0 Comments

In the words of Piper Landon, “I wrote this song on my couch in September. I had just had surgery on both of my feet, and I hadn’t left my house in almost a month. I was crying while writing it and really just feeling hopeless.
The line “is it seasonal or is it who I am?” Is really where I was at.

“I knew I didn’t always feel this hopeless or helpless, but I couldn’t see the light on the other side.

“I hope if you’re where I was at, this song can be an encouragement to you.. even in just knowing you’re not alone.”

About Piper Landon: Growing up in a small Kansas town as the daughter of an inspirational top-ten recording artist, Piper was always drawn to music. At 15 she signed her first record deal and went on to star as ‘cKenzi’ on the sitcom iShine Knect.

She has since been featured on numerous TV shows, movies, podcasts and blogs as well as performing extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Africa.

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